About Me

I am very proud to be a veteran who served in the United States Army and enjoy making others smile and laugh. I strive to keep a positive outlook in life and wanted that to be the focus with this blog.

The loves in my life are:

  • My wonderful support team (husband, family and friends)
  • Creating/crafting (including but no limited to sewing, painting, writing poetry, beading and scrap-booking)
  • Traveling, photography and postcards (seeing and experiencing something new and reliving great memories)
  • Giving back/Supporting the Community (Sending care packages to active troops, volunteering at the VA Hospital, Donating school supplies and canned goods)
  • Being organized (or as they say in the military – squared away)
  • Chocolate/Dessert (I will happily eat dessert first and last)
  • Words (specifically, creating a-play-on-words; see the photo below, it is my lunch cooler…so it is cooler than you…..get it? Hopefully, I got at least a smile from you!

    Lunch Cooler