P-hair-adise! (2)

Many of you may remember reading one of my first posts about the Suave Professionals® Coconut Oil Shampoo and how it took me to P-hair-adise! Today I am back in paradise writing about Suave Professionals® Coconut Milk Conditioner.


The deep moisture description on the bottle of the Suave® Coconut Milk Infusion Conditioner is absolutely the truth. How Suave infuses their products will probably stay top secret but I think they’ve struck gold. Say goodbye to dry, brittle and limp hair.

My hair is a normal thickness so I use a half-dollar size of product and leave it in for about two minutes time and then rinse. I was amazed at how soft, smooth and re-moisturized my hair felt after using this conditioner for the first time; there is no need for me to switch to any other product, that is how miraculous this Suave® Coconut Milk Conditioner really is! The smell just adds to the delightful experience, it is a nice fragrance of sweet coconut. It may be the combination of using both Suave Professionals® Shampoo and Conditioner that my hair feels and looks healthier than it has in years. I highly recommend the Suave Professionals® line of products, they know and respect hair very well! Say hello to hydrated, soft and strong hair.

For more information about the Suave Professionals® Shampoo and Conditioner line and all of their products visit the Suave Website now.

(Disclosure: I am not being paid or given any incentives by Suave®, Unilever or any of their affiliates to promote or endorse this brand or product. I am honestly just happy to share my experiences and impressions of this product.)


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