Kindness Challenge Week 7

Grateful for Kindness

For the week seven challenge I wanted to show my appreciation of the kindness I experienced and witnessed by keeping the kindness wave going and also give recognition to those who have shared kindness with me!

As I’ve mentioned a time or two prior, my work involves helping people find employment and so part of the job description is ‘excellent customer service’. While I’ve only been at this job for 28 months and can still remember training with different people and feeling lost at what to tell people when their world is crashing down on them, I decided to take a step back and watch and listen to my co-workers interact with clients and see what they could teach me.

I re-learned a very important thing from my week long observation:

Attitude does matter – The attitude you bring with you (either as a client or an employee) through any door steers the path of your experience. It is hard to be cheerful and ready to help someone fill out a 9 part online application at 8:00 am on a Monday but I had two co-workers offer two different clients smiles first thing and it seemed to reassure and ease any doubts, fears or anxiety the clients had just minutes earlier stepping through the door. I overheard the first customer say that he had accomplished more than he planned on (he completed four online applications thanks to my co-worker instead of one), so that is always a positive thing and the second customer wanted assistance sending a resume to an employer and after a couple of quick edits of her resume, she left feeling more confident about sending a excellent resume instead of a good one (and by Friday had an interview with that very same employer)!

Later that same afternoon, I was asked to help a client fax his resume for a job posting, and gave an enthusiastic sure (while thinking in the back of my mind, this shouldn’t take too long so I will have time to take a break) as I made my way to the front counter. On the walk back to my desk, the man mentioned that I had helped him last week and he had gotten a call back from one of the employers (after we fixed his resume) and had an interview the next day. This man’s attitude made me realize that it is far more important to help him than be worried about getting a 15 minute break. So while we were waiting for the fax to go through I asked him if he had thought about applying for a garbage pick-up route since he wanted to stay local and had his commercial license and then happily spent the next 45 minutes completing the 9 part online application with him. I think it is safe to say we both were happy at the end of that day.

Kindness Recognition – I am extremely grateful for all of the bloggers who have completed this challenge along with me and supported me in the process. I’m still new to all this blogging and I am overjoyed that there are so many like minded, kindhearted and positive centered people who blog. I really had no idea how many people actually blog these days and was certain that I wasn’t alone in trying to keep my blog focused on positive aspects in life, so when I stumbled on to a link about a Kindness Challenge from 2016 in February of this year I was immediately excited that this had happened and said a silent wish that it would make it back for 2017. Wishes do come true and here I am, finishing week 7 (better late than never) and truly believe this experience has helped change me into a more thoughtful, caring and compassionate human being. I’ve always been told that I am nice, but know I am armed with more knowledge (and understanding of how important it is to know kindness for ourselves, show kindness to others and share kindness with the universe) and can use that to keep spreading positivity one post at a time! Thank you Niki (The Richness of a Simple Life) for organizing this 2017 Kindness Challenge and being such an inspiration!


3 comments on “Kindness Challenge Week 7

  1. That was beautiful! Love the story about helping the man instead of planning your break. Helps me to wonder about how many times do I think I’m meeting my needs, like taking the break, when truthfully supporting another would’ve been more meaningful. It’s been nice to meet you thru doing this challenge.

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