Kindness Challenge Week 5

Choosing Kindness

Being in 5 o’clock traffic five days a week always provides me with the choice of being kind to other drivers on the road. 

Having to sit in any kind of traffic can get me (along with most people) frustrated one way or another, whether it be in the morning or the evening commute or both. I drive the speed limit and know the importance of showing an 18-wheeler some respect on the roadway and it is sad to see that some drivers don’t. With that said it is very, no make that extremely difficult for me to choose kindness and extend it to a driver that (I think) is being rude.

For example if someone pulls out right in front of me and causes me to slam on my breaks I usually honk my horn to let them know that they almost caused an accident. Since the fifth weeks challenge was to choose kindness, I made the choice not to honk and instead growled and called them an idiot (in the privacy of my car and somewhat under my breath). I promise I tried being silent the 5 times (the above scenario)  this has happened to me since it was posted back in June and I still can’t do it. I will definitely have to keep trying and hope that one day I will have a break through, but it is a step in the right direction for now.


*To participate in the 2017 Kindness Challenge visit Niki at The Richness of a Simple Life.*




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