Positively Appealing in on Zazzle.com

I am super excited to announce that Positively Appealing now has a Zazzle.com store! See it now. I will slowly but surely be adding new products over the next several days, so if you see something you like but want it on a different product just let me know! My store features positive quotes and encouraging thoughts to keep in line with my blog.

Positively Appealing Zazzle Shop Information

If you have never heard of Zazzle.com you should definitely go check it out, you can customize just about anything there is and they are currently having a Fourth of July sale! If you are interested in setting up your own store, it is very easy to do and completely free! To find out more information click here.

I have to send a big thank you to fellow blogger Erika Kind! She shared her Daily Kind Inspirations Collection (through her Zazzle.com store – she also offers inspirational products) on her blog and inspired me to do the same.

(Disclosure: I will receive a percentage of profits for any products that I sell through my store from Zazzle.com; as well as a commission on any referral purchases.)


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