Snack Factory Dessert Thins – Brownie is my product review this week. As my title implies these thin crispy biscuits are indeed tasty and sensational!

It amazes me how far food science has expanded over the decades, so we can savor all of the wonderful things about a brownie but condense it down to a wafer thin biscuit/cracker. That imagery makes me think of the scene from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (1971 version with Gene Wilder) when Violet grabs the gum away from Charlie and asks what flavor it is and he explains that it is a three course meal but it’s packed with soooo much flavor and goodness it changes her DNA (turning her purple and plump). While the Snack Factory Dessert Thins won’t change your genetic code, they are sure to please your taste buds!

I know someone is reading this thinking, why not just eat a regular brownie and get it over with? Not only does this Thin-sational version have 120 calories per serving, the serving size is 4 biscuits! These Dessert Thin Brownies pack all the flavor of a fresh baked brownie into a saltine sized dessert bite, so you keep the taste of the regular brownie but lower the total carbohydrates, total sugars and guilt. I thank Snack Factory for creating a tasty brownie treat that truly is a delight to eat!

You might be surprised by all of the products Snack Factory makes, go to to see their entire line!

(Disclosure: I am not being paid or given any incentives by Snack Factory, Princeton Vanguard LLC or any of their affiliates to promote or endorse this brand or product. I am honestly just happy to share my experiences and impressions of this product.)


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