Pear-fect Delight

When we think of flavors that are great together most people have their favorites; peanut butter and jelly, biscuits and gravy, ham and cheese, strawberries and cream and on and on. I want to add my favorite to the list, cottage cheese and pears! If you don’t like pears, I’ve been told that peaches and pineapples also make great pairings with cottage cheese.

I found myself craving pears and cottage cheese recently and while I was searching for canned pears I came across the MW Polar brand in jars?! I thought finally something better than a tin can to store fruit/veggies in. I purchased one jar (19.5 ounces) of Polar Fancy Fruit pears and was pleasantly surprised by not only the taste and quality but the firmness as well. Most pears that I’ve eaten from a can are very soft and squishy, and you are lucky to find whole slices to start with; however, Polar pears are the opposite, they have a firmness to them that makes you wonder if they were freshly picked a week ago. The taste matches the high quality of crispness for every sliced pear in the jar, deliciousness meets my taste buds. I know I mentioned I had cottage cheese with my pears, but I will confess that I ate several pears by themselves for each of the three helpings of goodness I ate, savoring each and every bite!

I was not aware of this brand before this purchase of the Fancy Fruit Pear slices and after visiting the MW Polar website it amazed me that they have been in business since 1976. Not only does MW Polar sell fruits, they have a whole line of food products as well as general merchandise. To see the entire list of MW Polar products visit their website at

(Disclosure: I am not being paid or given any incentives by MW Polar or any of their affiliates to promote or endorse this brand or product. I am honestly just happy to share my experiences and impressions of this product.)


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