Self-Love (Week 1) Kindness Challenge

I’ll admit I did have a hard time with this one, it felt like it took me three days just to think of mantra that was worthy of sharing and not be laughed at. So my first lesson was that I should only focus on what I think of my mantra not what others will think of it!

Happiness is free and I  deserve to be happy – without feeling guilty 

Waking up happy every day of the week is a challenge in and of itself and then trying to maintain happy throughout the day as life throws unhappy curve balls at 90 mph is even harder and almost impossible! Over this past week I realized that I am the only one that decides if I remain happy throughout the day or not. I have complete control over how I feel and how I let situations effect my mood. I discovered that staying happy depends a lot on whether or not I’m upset at myself for something I should or shouldn’t have said or done. The harder I was on myself the harder it was to stay happy.

This waking up happy is a new habit I’m trying to develop and hope that it will help guide me for years to come, so I thought back to remember when this self love and having control over my own happiness occurred.

Being shy lowers ones confidence and low self-esteem equals low self-love

As cliche as it sounds, winning a beauty pageant really did give me the self confidence I struggled so long to grasp and I was finally able to be happy to be me. As each year passes since the pageant took place I gain even more self-esteem and self love which in turn increases my happiness.


This weeks challenge gave me the opportunity to acknowledge and reflect back on the moment I planted my first seed of happiness for myself. 

 Plant happy seeds


One comment on “Self-Love (Week 1) Kindness Challenge

  1. Thanks for tagging this, I didn’t see your link in the comments!

    First of all, great job with moving past your fear of what others would think and refocusing on the mantra that would feel right for you! I love the mantra you came up with!

    Thank you so much for your honesty and openness in this post. ❤

    I want to encourage you to dig a little deeper. You've done a great job uncovering what you did and since you're on the verge, I just want to encourage you to keep going. You mention that the beauty pageant gave you confidence, I want to encourage you to explore how you can cultivate that confidence without competing in pageants. If you never won or entered another pageant in your life, how could you still have the confidence it gave you? What was it about the pageant that gave you a sense of confidence? Did the pageant prove something to you, others, or both? No need to respond, if you'd like to share in a more intimate setting, feel free to email me if you'd like ( I look forward to your week 2 reflection ❤

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