Tuesday Tongue Twisters

Who is ready to let the tongue twisters loose?!

The first theme is Lemons/Lemonade and for anyone who missed my post last week introducing the Themed Tongue Twisters on Tuesdays, I came up with one to help spark the creativity. I look forward to seeing what other people can come up with!

How much Lemonade could a Lemon sell if a Lemon could aide in making Lemonade? Lemonette could ladle loads of lemonade lovingly alongside Adelaide all day. As long as lots of laughter and lemons are available she can assist and aide in selling large amounts of lemonade!

Rules are very simple:

  1. To participate simply create a tongue twister relating to the weekly theme, it can be any style* (see bottom of page) you choose and even any language.
  2. Tag “ThToTwTu” on WordPress or #ThToTwTu on social media and ping back or include a link so others can see it.
  3. Read and comment on other bloggers tongue twisters, so we can spread the joy.
  4. Have fun!
  5. If you have a clean, family friendly suggestion for a theme let me know.

Feel free to save the Badge below and include it on your post.


*Style – there are a variety of tongue twisters out there, some more complex than others. Don’t feel obligated to keep it the same style as my example, that is just the style I chose for this particular Lemons/Lemonade theme. If you want to keep it one line that is perfectly fine, again whatever you can come up with will work.


One comment on “Tuesday Tongue Twisters

  1. This seems really cool, will definitely try it sometime next week! I slur my words so I stumbled on yours even saying it at normal speed 😂


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