Beauty is original, raw & exquisite

Bioré Facial Care Products

I am reviewing two different Bioré products today, Deep Cleaning Pore Strips and Deep Pore Charcoal Cleanser.

The Deep Cleaning Pore Strips (I’ve used both the Nose and Face Strips) are my favorite Bioré product because; I can see and feel almost immediate results. The science behind how the strip works has fascinated me for years, someone should really get a Nobel Prize for it – in my humble opinion. The facts that the whole process takes only 10 to 15 minutes is great to start with, but add to that the ability of the strip to grab dirt, hair and other particles from the pores and I experience wonder and happiness all at the same time. After the strip hardens (once the directions on the box or strip foil wrapper are followed and the 10 to 15 minutes of time is up) and I slowly peel the strip away from my face, I immediately started to feel my pores rejoicing about being reunited with oxygen. I’ll admit that I’m weird but I get a mixed sense of accomplishment and joy when I look at the underside of the used strip. Seeing everything it removed from my pores is like looking at a forest from an aerial view; and has me feeling joy that my face is free of all that gunk and then accomplishment that I had a beneficial deep pore cleansing!

The Deep Pore Charcoal Cleanser is also a great Bioré product because I can literally feel it working within seconds and a small amount cleaned my entire face. I’m amazed at how effective charcoal is for oily skin, I’ve always had oily skin and of course the acne to go with it when I was in middle and high school and I can honestly say, this Bioré face cleanser not only cleans my skin it also keeps the oil away. I also appreciate the ‘cooling’ effect the charcoal cleanser has upon contact with my facial skin and it gives me added reassurance that the product is working and my face will soon be thoroughly cleansed.

I definitely recommend both of these products from Bioré because they have each proven to clean my clogged pores and refresh my skin.

To see a list of all the Bioré products visit their website


(Disclosure: I am not being paid or given any incentives by Bioré or any of their affiliates to promote or endorse this brand or product. I am honestly just happy to share my experiences and impressions of this product.)


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